‘Forgotten’ Horseshoe Bend is a lesson for New Orleans’ Civil War monuments

HorseshoeBend Sing.jpg

The park welcomed me with a grand sign typical of the National Park Service’s careful attention to detail and rustic aesthetics. The next sign I read changed my perspective on the battle.

Third-grade Alabama history is the gift that keeps on giving, even 45 years on. (Thanks Mrs. Virginia Harless Cook!)

This time it was the inspiration for this opinion piece in The News & Observer of Raleigh, North Carolina in which I apply the lessons I learned about the horror of an Andrew Jackson-led Indian massacre to what’s going on new in New Orleans and other places debating Civil War memorials.

Let me know what you think.

To learn from the past, keep its monuments




The New York Times joins those reporting extreme conservatism isn’t ‘the North Carolina Way’


Moral Monday protestor in Raleigh on June 17 of this year. (Photo by Yashmori via Flickr Creative Commons.)

The New York Times has taken an in-depth look at the political turmoil in North Carolina.

North Carolinians Fear the End of a Middle Way

Splashed on page one today, it’s a thorough overview that attempts to show that even moderate and some conservative people are taken aback by the string of ideological legislation that’s been passed in just one legislative session.

As is often the case when a national news organization swoops in and takes a big-picture look at an issue, there’s not a lot there that hasn’t been reported in bits and pieces by local and regional newspapers.

But, fresh perspectives include voices like that of David French of rural Rockingham County who laments extremism in government, and the observation that, while signing all of these divisive bills, the governor never got around to passing his signature economic development initiative, an overhaul of job recruiting.

The idea that the legislature’s extreme agenda is contrary to the moderate political history of the state was also made notably in this News & Observer essay. (Note the similar headlines.):

The North Carolina Way takes a sharp right turn